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    New project   Revision to existing label

    Prototype required   Black & white proof required

    Label Specifications:

    What is label to be applied to (substrate)?

    What temperature ranges will label be subjected to?

    Permanent Adhesive   Removable Adhesive

    Will you be imprinting any variable information on label (bar codes, consecutive numbering, serialization, etc.)?
    If yes, how will you be numbering this information? Thermal Transfer Dot Matrix Laser Imprinter
    List make and model number of equipment used.

    Max. print head width:

    Maximum O.D. roll:

    Desired label size:

    Ink colors to be used:

    Finished wind direction: Please fax or e-mail a preliminary drawing.

    Thermal Ribbon Specifications:

    For thermal ribbon, please tell us the size of ribbon and the type of substrate.

    Length :
    Substrate: Paper Polyester

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