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    Competitive Landscape Overview
    At Label Services we take pride in partnering with our customers to provide product identification solutions as well as Marketing Services & Solutions.

    Every organization - and every B2B product or service - always faces competition, no matter how unique you think you are. Your competitive landscape is not restricted to organizations that look like you or to products and services that appear similar to the ones you provide.

    Organizations that establish a conveniently narrow definition of their competitive landscape - where the boundaries are artificially defined to favor their internal assessment of their strengths - inevitably miss the point, miss out on opportunities, and over-estimate the probability of closing sales opportunities.

    We believe that the competitive landscape for any company, product or service must be defined by looking at the competitive landscape holistically and how your commercial competitors position themselves in their communication platform to the market.

    Below is a sample of questions/issues that our Competitive Landscape Overview can help answer/address:

    Competitive Landscape Overview:
    1. Who are the competitors in your industry and who do you compete directly with?
    2. What differentiates you from your competition?
    3. What is the product portfolio of your competitors and where are they expanding during the next year (s)?
    4. How do your competitors go to market with their existing products?
    5. What are your competitors Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities in the marketplace?

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