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    New Business Product Opportunity Analysis
    At Label Services we take pride in partnering with our customers to provide product identification solutions as well as Marketing Services & Solutions.

    In todayís fast-paced, fiercely competitive world of commercial new product development, speed and flexibility are essential. Companies are increasingly realizing that the old, sequential approach to developing new products simply wonít get the job done. Instead, companies are looking at New Business/Product Opportunities in a holistic method - the new approach can act as a change agent: it is a vehicle for introducing creative, market-driven ideas and processes into an old, rigid organization.

    The rules of the game in new product development are changing. Many companies have discovered that it takes more than the accepted basics of high quality, low cost, and differentiation to excel in todayís competitive market. It also takes intelligence of the marketplace to increase speed and flexibility.

    Below is a sample of questions/issues that our New Business/Product Opportunity Analysis can help answer/address:

    New Business/Product Opportunity Analysis:
    1. What are the events occurring outside of the organization to identify and interpret potential trends (Environmental Scanning)?
    2. What is the new-product strategy development?
    3. What is the role of the new product in terms of the organizationís corporate objectives?
    4. What are the organizationís strengths and weaknesses that align with the new business/product opportunity?
    5. What strategic role was served by the organizationís most successful recent product launch?
    6. What are the organizationís success metrics for new business/product opportunity?

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